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Dog Home Boarding 2020

Dog Home Boarding 2020 The Legislation for Animal Licensing changed in 2018; the new legislation caused a lot of controversy at the start and still does to some extent.  Local Authorities across the country were interpreting some of the new rules and guidance...

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UK Dog Law 3

Reasonable Care,
Leash Laws,
Accidents involving Dogs,
Dog Fouling,
Motorway Driving

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UK Dog Law 2

UK Dog Law Part 2   ID Collars Stray Dogs ID Collars  The Control of Dogs Order 1992 says that every dog, whilst in a public place or on a highway, shall wear a collar with ID inscribed on the collar or badge attached to it. This does not include dogs while being...

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Puppy Talk

Puppy Talk

Week 1 – 4
Textures and Scent
Week 4 – 14
Traffic and the outside world
Inside the Home

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UK Dog Law 1

The difference between civil law and criminal law.
How does the law define ownership of a dog?
What does Strictly Liable mean? Animals Act 1971.
How is negligence determined?
What are the possible exceptions to liability?

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