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UK Dog Law

UK Dog Law 2

ID Collars The Control of Dogs Act 1992 says that every dog, whilst in a public place or on a highway, shall wear a collar with ID inscribed on the collar or badge attached to it. This does not include dogs while being used for sporting purposes, or dogs used for the...
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Puppy Talk

Week 1 to 4 The puppy has just been born, Mom will take care of the main needs at this point, She will need time to bond with her litter and wont need much assistance from ourselves. Puppies are fragile little things and it is best to leave Mom to it, picking up the...
Dog Walking

The Thyroid Gland & Dog Behaviour

The Thyroid Gland not only effects the health of a dog but also the dogs Behaviour. The Thyroid Gland is responsible for metabolism, Body Temperature and Heart Function. It is also associated with behaviour changes in dogs. It is the most Common disorder in the...
UK Dog Law

UK Dog Law 1

UK Dog Law Some questions answered
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Positive Reinforcement

 Positive Reinforcement   Positive reinforcement gives a Dog the opportunity to make his own decision. By re-enforcing something good like food, toys or praise for doing a specific behaviour.  Training Games can be used to modify a behaviour or to teach a completely...

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by Pete and Mary on GGL Pet Services

We are so happy to have found Gill. We know that we can relax in the knowledge that our Border Collie will be safe, happy and well looked after...

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