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Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Act 2006

Animal Welfare Act 2006
Prevention of harm.
Unnecessary Suffering.
Tail Docking
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Dog Law uk

UK Dog Law 3

Reasonable Care,
Leash Laws,
Accidents involving Dogs,
Dog Fouling,
Motorway Driving

Dog Law uk

UK Dog Law 2

UK Dog Law Part 2   ID Collars Stray Dogs ID Collars  The Control of Dogs Order 1992 says that every dog, whilst in a public place or on a highway, shall wear a collar with ID inscribed on the collar or badge attached to it. This does not include dogs while being...
oldham dog boarding

Puppy Talk

Week 1 – 4
Textures and Scent
Week 4 – 14
Traffic and the outside world
Inside the Home

Dog Walking oldham

The Dogs Thyroid Gland

The Dogs Thyroid Gland – GGL Pet Services.
Home Boarding for Small Dogs
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Dog Law uk

UK Dog Law 1

The difference between civil law and criminal law.
How does the law define ownership of a dog?
What does Strictly Liable mean? Animals Act 1971.
How is negligence determined?
What are the possible exceptions to liability?

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 Home Boarding for Small Dogs

Home Visits for Cats and Small Animals

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We want to encourage and support proper care and maintenance for your pet, we work to keep our prices low and our services to the highest quality. 

We thrive on making our customers happy and listen to all feedback in order to continually improve our services


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by Pete and Mary on GGL Pet Services

We are so happy to have found Gill. We know that we can relax in the knowledge that our Border Collie will be safe, happy and well looked after...

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