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Puppy Training Final Week

Final week at puppy training was a perfect finish to the 4 week course, we learned how to teach your dog to fetch and drop, as well as recall which I personally found really useful as my dog does not always want to come back when she is off the lead running around a big field. Stay or Wait was another lesson which was really interesting, the art of getting your dog to stay and wait whilst you walk off somewhere, all you really need to do is learn how to re-assure your dog that you are going to come back.  Like children when their mommy or daddy walks away from them, panic sets in and they automatically follow them.  This takes patience, but it is one of  the most useful things to learn, especially when you walk into a shop and leave your dog outside, ok your pet is tied up outside the shop so that they don’t walk off into the road or follow you into the shop, but I have seen some dogs, including mine in the past, where I used the command stay and then walked into the shop, well, its like armageddon, the barking, squeeling, fretting. It’s a really useful lesson to learn. The course was finished with a test you had to sit on a chair and ask your dog to sit, then you stood and walked to another chair and asked your dog to lie down, then you walked over to Rachel asked your dog to sit again and then gave rachel the lead, the owner then runs or walks quickly to the back of the hall and shouts their dog, Rachel lets go of the lead and the dog should come running to you. Should, is the operative word here, in all fairness most of the puppies did run straight to their owners but one or two where more curious about the other puppies in the room and decided to have a wander round saying hello to everyone, this is where the recall leasons come in. Believe me the course is fantastic you learn such a lot. But you have to be prepared to put the training time in.  You cant just turn up for the course once a week and do nothing else with your dog for the rest of the week, you have to be consistent with your training. Its well worth the time.  It also gives your puppy socialising experience with other dogs and people which will help stop any aggressive behaviour.  Come along Wednesday 7pm at Grotton Pavillion in Saddleworth.