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Small Business Chat Update – Gillian Linnell


Welcome to another Small Business update, this time with Gillian Linnell of the recently slightly renamed GGL Pet Services. Gillian’s original interview was published in February last year and what did she want to be doing by now?  She said, “I would like to be selling the supplies to local people and pet sitting clients and to have a brand and reputation which is very well known and recognised in the local community. Eventually I would like to employ staff and have a  warehouse full of pickers and packers. This is just one ambition – I have a handful of different directions which the company can take“.

Which direction did Gillian take? Read on to find out …

Are you where you thought you’d be when you looked forward a year ago?

I am in a different place than I was when first interviewed, I still offer pet supplies but a more niche market now: my suppier is Puchi Petwear, and they specialise in designer pet wear for dogs and cats, as seen on TV and used by celebrities. I dont tend to push this side of the business so much these days, as the Pet Service side has become the main title, hence the company name change from GGL Pet Supplies to GGL Pet Services.

What has changed and what has stayed the same?

Not a great deal has stayed the same, it’s all changed! I’m now Licensed by OMBC for home boarding dogs, I have a vast client database and dog walking takes up a lot of my day.  I have teamed up with another company, Kanine Kampus Doggie Daycare (read their Small Business Chat here), and we work together every day: it has given me a fantastic USP and a premium package to offer my customers.

I also employ help on a casual basis to help me out with the dog walking,

What have you learned? What do you wish you’d known a year ago?

Keep calm,:-)

Any more hints and tips for people?

You have to have a passion, a love and a will to succeed: if you have no self belief you will find it difficult to succeed.  My advice would be: Positive thinking every day. Enjoy your work – if it’s not like playing a fun game every day where you wake up all excited and raring to go, then you could possibly be in the wrong job. Get the right job, it’s never too late to change.

And … where do you see yourself and your business in a(nother) year’s time?

Wherever it takes me, I enjoy my work and my life, and wherever I go, I know I will be happy and that I will always make the right choices. I have another project which I am currently working on to do with advertising/marketing Pet Businesses, so we will have to wait and see what happens in the future.

Well, there’s a positive note to end on, and some good cheerleading for anyone considering changing their job to have a happier lifestyle! I look forward to hearing what happens over the next year!

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Dogs and the Law

There are a number of laws which apply to dog ownership.  They are intended to protect dogs from cruelty and misuse, to protect livestock and wild animals from dogs and to protect people from annoyance of badly kept dogs.

Many local authorities make their own bye laws concerning fouling on footpaths, roads and parks where dogs must be kept on a lead, and public buildings into which dogs may not be taken.

Food shops and restaurants are encourgaged by the Food Hygiene Regulations 1970 to ban dogs from their premisises.  Large land owners such as the forestry commission also create bye laws prohibiting the chasing of deer, game birds etc by dogs on their land.




The breeding of dogs act 1973

Owners of more than two bitches from which puppies are bred for sale require a license.


Boarding establishments act 1963

Anyone who boards animals for payment, whether in a private house or a kennel requires a license and will be inspected by the local authority.


Pet Animals act 1951

Anyone buying in animals for re-sale, or breeding quantities of animals for sale may be required to take out a license to keep a pet shop, whether the premises are a conventional shop or not.


Selling dogs

Dogs and puppies may not be sold in the street or any public place, or to a child under 12 years old, or in conjunction with a rag or old clothes dealing business.


Buying dogs and puppies

In general the law decides that it is up to the buyer to be careful what he buys, and livestock is bought “as seen” without any warranty.  However, if the buyer states that the puppy is wanted for a particular purpose, eg for showing or breeding, and in due course the dog does not fulfil that pupose, the buyer may have a claim under the sale of goods act 1979.  If a pedigree is given with a puppy, it mst be signed and correct.  It may be regarded as an offence of obtaining money by false pretences to give an incorrect pedigree. Pedigrees can be checked at the kennel club.




Your dog must not be a nuisance to neighbours or other persons.  Nuisance may be defined as persistent and prolonged barking, trespassing on other peoples property, threatening or attacking people, or obstructing access to a public place or roadway.  Your dog must wear a collar bearing you address at all times when outside your property except when working as a gundog or herding sheep or cattle.


Recommended Reading

Doglopaedia JM Evans & Kay White

Confessions of a dog walker

Since I started GGL Pet Services, I have encountered all sorts of comments from people I meet whilst out walking dogs. One comment has popped up on numerous occasions. The other day for instance, I was dropping Lola back home after her daycare with me.  Whilst I was filling out her Pet log so her owners could read what she had been up to that day, a knock came to the door, It was young man, asking for something or other.  I advised him that I was the dog walker and did not live here.  He then asked me the number of the house, which is not on the door.  I produced  my file and told him the house number, he looked at me strange, and then said “ So you walk their Dog”? “Yes” I replied, He then said, “How lazy are they, why did they buy a dog if they cannot be bothered to exercise it themselves”. theo


I always explain, that times are now changed and dogs are not allowed to wander the streets without supervision, and the majority of people who own dogs work full time, and to hire a dog walker, daycare service etc is the most responsible thing any dog owner could ever do.


I then go on to explain, that whilst owners are at work, 9-5 which are the most common hours, the poor doggy is couped up, usually in one room, or even in a crate for puppies. Dogs get bored just like humans and how would you feel, if you were locked in one room all day, with no television, no books, no Internet, just silence.  What would you do? The dog cant suddenly decide, oh, I think ill vac up, or mop the floor.  How good would that be though.  So the dog may take on destructive tendencies, like chewing the furniture, or jumping onto the table and knocking the contents of it on to the floor, to mention but a few, and of course not forgetting.  What happens when the dog needs to go to the toilet.  He wont stroll to the toilet jump on it and do his business, (oh it would be nice), so it ends up on the floor, and in worst case scenarios, on the carpet.


So when the owner comes home, there is what looks like mass destruction everywhere, not to mention what they just stood in.  So the anger starts, and the dog is jumping up because they are happy to see you, the owner is furious, and after a hard days work, they now they have to take him for a walk.  As the dog has not been exercised all day he wants to run around to dispel all the pent up energy, which means pulling on the lead, showing lots of undesirable behaviour to the owner, the list goes on.


lolsNow, My clients employ me to do a service for them.  Which includes, walking their dog, keeping them occupied, giving them company and something to do whilst the owner is at work.  When the owner comes home, the house is intact, they have not stepped in anything undesirable, and if the dog has been to daycare, they don’t even need a walk, just a trip round the garden before bed. That’s if you can wake them up.


Fortunately those people who I have explained this to, did walk away with new knowledge and if they are dog owners, maybe a feeling of de ja vue and probably guilt.


So you see, Pet services really are good things to have in the world as it is today and as it will be in the future.


Don’t forget, I’m only a phone call away. 07717 216100, Take a look at my website there is lots of information on there, as well as some pics and a price list.


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Pet Businesses you cant help talking about

Some fantastic Businesses in and around Saddleworth and Oldham which I personally recommend should you ever need their services.

Tanglewood Cat Care

Tanglewood is a hotel with a difference. Cats have their own rooms, furnished to a standard that will be more than acceptable to your discerning cat. We have sixteen exclusive rooms with Tv’s. Your cat will get lots of extra special care and attention.
Tanglewood offers you complete peace of mind while your feline companion has his/her own 5 star vacation.




Tracey Reece offers Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Dog Grooming, Based in Rochdale Tracey is more than happy to help you will all your pet needs, you can find out more about Paws4Claws on facebook


Kanine Kampus

Kanine Kampus opened in June 2012 and are situated at UNIT R, OLDHAM CENTRAL TRADING ESTATE, COULTON CLOSE, OL1 4EB. At Kanine Kampus we provide a variety of services for your dog, including an indoor park, grooming, dog sitting, walking and generally making sure your dog has a good time! Kanine Kampus also offers diet advice, behaviour advice and training.  We have links with local Canine Behaviourist, Rachel Bean, and K9 Swim, to provide you with the best all round service for your dogs. Our experienced staff are insured and fully qualified.  Kanine Kampus is fully licensed by OMBC.  References are available on request.  Add them on Facebook to watch our clips of the week


Rachel Bean RVN

Former Dogstrust Kennel Manager – working with Dog Wardens, Social Workers, Dangerous Dogs Act

Qualified Veterinary Nurse – 17 years in Vet Practiice, Surgery,

Theatre, Clinics, Emergencies

The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association – Full Member, one of only 26 in the UK,

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons – Listed and Registered
Veterinary Nurse

British Veterinary Nurse Association – Registered Veterinary Nurse.

British Veterinary Nurse Association – Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour

Master Dog Trainer with Thegh Guild of Dog Trainers –

Pet Health Councilor of the Year 2004

Staff trainer and behaviour advisor for a number of RSPCA branches

Behaviour and training consultant for K9 Swim Hydrotherapy Centre, Manchester.

Expert Witness for court cases involving The Dangerous Dogs Act and Welfare isssues.

Qualified Microchipper

For more info about Rachel and the services she offers please visit


And of course ME 🙂




And now for something completely different

Comfort Zones, what are they?  We all have things we feel comfortable doing, we do them in a certain way because we know from our own experience that it works! It works well enough for us! We are happy doing things this way.

What would happen if we moved ourselves out of our comfort zones and did the same things in a different way?

Lets take this example:  I drive to appointments, I drive around saddleworth and surrounding areas, Lets say I get a call to drive to Rochdale in order to look after a cat.

First thing I say is NO.  Rochdale is not in the UK, this is out of my area! What I actually mean, is where the hell is Rochdale, that involves complicated junctions and an area I have no idea what or where anything is.  Its out of my Comfort Zone.

Ok in reality, Rochdale IS out of my area, but this is just a typical example. Another example rather much easier for people to understand is, I am taking a Hot Shower.  OK, Why not take a cold shower instead?  Oooohhhhh, I can hear all the excuses and self talk* going on now! “WTH – no way dude”

So what would taking a cold shower achieve.  Well if someone said to you.  Take a cold shower and stay in it for 15 mins and ill give you £500.  Mmmmmmm now you would think about it, but would you attempt it, and more to the point last for the full 15 mins in order to receive the reward?  Ponder for a while……..

So, the first reaction, for me, driving to Rochdale.  No, not happening, no way.  But what if I did?  I would have a whole new area to deal with, a whole heap of new customers to do business with.  It would mean £££££, and of course I would become familiar with the area in question. So what is stopping me from stepping out of my comfort zone.  Do you know the answer?  FEAR!

What is fear?  Fear is actually an emotion which is brough about by a chemical change in your body, which in turn is brought about by thoughts and visions of whatever it is that confronts your mind. Fear of the unknown.  But seriously, how can we fear something which we do not know? Logically we cant, what the fear really is, is, Letting go of the Known.  Yes lets repeat that, Letting go of the known, things you are comfortable with, and jumping head first into the void, (a new experience) which you have no control or association with.

Sometimes we have a belief that we will fail – Fear – this is not real, its only imagined. Its your thoughts that are controlling this energy in motion (emotion), that’s all, just your thoughts and you are not your thoughts.

*A human being has roughly 90 brain impluses per min,  so within a 24 hour period somewhere around 130.000 brain impulses have occurred.  Amongst these impulses we have self talk, current reseach shows we have 35 thought forms per min, that in a 24 hour period is around 50.000 self talk thought forms per day.

Science has shown that of these 50.000 thought forms about 80% of them are negative or limiting in some way.  We as humans are only aware of around 5% so out of 50.000 thought forms we only interact with around 2.500 of them.  Don’t forget 80% of these thoughs are negative so that’s 2000 thought form which are limiting in some way, so, I repeat, out of 50.000 thought forms we interact with 2.500, 2.000 are negative, so we are left with a mere 500 positive thoughts.

Wow kind or makes you wonder what the hell you are talking and thinking to yourself about all day doesn’t it.

What I am trying to say in laymans terms is that, comfort zones are limiting in some way, and to step outside your comfort zones will give you a new experience and like everything in life you will evolve, rather than staying in the same place, and you can lift some of those negative and self limiting thought forms, just by thinking about it in a positive NEW way.

Give it a go.  Take a cold shower, but im not giving you £500, Im off toRochdale.


Welcome to 2013 – the first day or your new life experiences.

Dog Grooming

 GGL Pet Services

We have now teamed up with the local dog groomer and are happy to offer you a grooming service for your pooch.

This service is open to all Dog Walking and Pet Sitting/Home Boarding customers.

Meet the “Dog Walking” Clients

This month I though I would introduce you to my regular Dog Walking clients, a real mixed bunch of characters.


Lisa – 2x 1 hour walks Mon- Fri.

Lisa is a Jack Russell cross and has two speeds go and stop, she can go 0-90 in less that 4 seconds, and I regret no off button. She is quite the character, rough and ready is the best way to describe her, she is sociable but an acquired taste for most dogs, also KNOWINGLY disobedient, she tries it on right left and centre, you need eyes in the back of your head with this one.  The Vet has checked her over and ruled out Demonic possession.


Lola – Daycare Mon-Fri

I have looked after Lola since Sept 2011, and have grown very fond of her, she is intelligent and very well behaved, (at last) apart from when she smells treats in pockets of passers by, she thinks everything is for her! Lola was the puppy dog that you walked and used to have to scoop everything and all-sorts of disgusting things out of her mouth.  Now she is older there is a big difference, (plus the local dog trainer) She is calmer and easier to handle. Lola walks a lot with Lisa, or should I say walked, they are toooooo much of good friends now.  They are having a few weeks apart as they are both becoming quite the handful ( bad influence is Lisa) when they are together.


Boo – Daycare 2x per week

Boo is the best, he is so friendly and only wants to please, he is bossy with his toys and other dogs toys. He likes to play a lot with Lola, usually tug o war with a rather robust piece of rope.  He is great to walk, the proper hunter/gatherer, collecting twigs in his mouth by the dozen.  He is friendly and kind, with this bonnie doggie your cant go wrong.


Jinx – 30 min walks Mon, Wed, Fri,

Jinx belongs to the dog warden, he is a smashing little character, he knows where he is going on his walk and you dare not deviate from that course or major sulks and lots of barking, He has so far been extremely sociable with all the dogs he has walked with, but he doesn’t put up with anything that takes him away from sniffing the ground.  He loves his cuddles though.


Jazzy – 30 min walks Mon-Fri

Jazzy is one of the new additions to my day, she is a very timid Jack Russell, and Lisa’s arch nemesis and next door neighbour, obviously I don’t walk these two  together.  Jazzy seems to get along with all the other dogs I walk.  She is a bit nervous, but is definitely starting to come out of her shell and enjoying herself.  One of the calmer and gentler dogs who is a pleasure to walk.


Theo – 30 min walks Mon-Fri

Theo, what can I say, my newest addition to the day, he is a Lurcher and totally bonkers (or vacant) the picture speaks for itself 😉  I am greeted, when I walk through the door, with a bouncing dog, who, may I add, is as tall as I am, so keeping his 4 legs on the floor really is a challenge.  It has got easier if I’m honest, but presently I’m having to put a carrier bag on his back leg as its all bandaged due to an infection, This is obviously getting better everyday as each visit I am bounced on harder and for longer, his hugs and kisses are not for the faint hearted .  He is presently still on steady road walks only.

Diesel – One hour walks Mon-Fri

Everybody needs a Diesel dog, he is a German Shepherd and the most beautiful animal that I walk, he is 12 years and walks off lead without any problems, when you say “come” he comes, when you say “wait” he waits, (sometimes).  He often walks with other dogs, he is extremely social.  He has walked with Lola – who I think is a bit too giddy for him, Missy – who he loves, (he likes the little ones). And he has walked with Boo – his favourite friend.  I would miss this chappy if he wasn’t there.


I am expecting a Dalmatian to visit in the next couple of weeks, he will be joining Lola and Boo for Daycare, I cant wait to introduce you to him, in another Newsletter.



Local Businesses

In this October blog, I thought I would give something back to some of the local business which have recommended me.  A big thank you to you all.


Guide Bridge MOT and Service Centre:

Guide Bridge MOT and Service Centre is your complete 1 stop shop for all your motoring needs, we are based in Guide Bridge which is just outside Ashton Under Lyne.  We are a family run business with over 50 years of combined experience. We carry out MOT Testing, Servicing to the manufacturer recommendations, Tyres and all aspects of general car repairs. We offer a free collection and delivery service, meaning you don’t even have to leave your home or place of work, to get your car to the garage.  We are also Tameside’s leading female friendly garage. Call us on 0161 339 5354 or visit

 Alterered Images

Altered Images specialise in Photograph Restoration, Retouching and Enhancements. I also create 360 panoramic views and virtual tour of business premises for web sites- 360 product images again for web sites. Web site design and management. Logo design, leaflet design and layout .I trained as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator.  I am also a retired Police and Forensic artist (ex GMP). For further information please visit 

Jude Gidney Photography

A New home for Jude Gidney Photography Studios after moving from Mossley, is at the Tanners Business Centre in Greenfield right near Dovestone Reservoir. It’s an ideal location to bring your pet for photography. Photographs can be made into mugs, keyrings, mousemats, ipad covers, all ideal for gifts. Animals can be photographed with or without the family – or both. Jude has 2 dogs of her own and has a good idea as to how to get them to perform under the lights.

Please see her website for more details and contact. or phone 01457 810094.

10% discount on mentioning Gill when booking.

Kanine Kampus

Kanine Kampus opened in June 2012 and are situated at UNIT R, OLDHAM CENTRAL TRADING ESTATE, COULTON CLOSE, OL1 4EB. At Kanine Kampus we provide a variety of services for your dog, including an indoor park, grooming, dog sitting, walking and generally making sure your dog has a good time! Kanine Kampus also offers diet advice, behaviour advice and training.  We have links with local Canine Behaviourist, Rachel Bean, and K9 Swim, to provide you with the best all round service for your dogs. Our experienced staff are insured and fully qualified.  Kanine Kampus is fully licensed by OMBC.  References are available on request.  Add us on Facebook to watch our clips of the week

Price Increase

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support, We are working hard to remain your number 1 source for all your Pet Sitting needs.  We appreciate your business and will always find ways to continue to provide you with the highest quality products and services.

As part of that effort, we have reviewed our pricing structure and in relation to a number of changes in the industry and more recently market research and budget forecasts, we have discovered that a price increase is necessary in order to maintain the same level of quality in our services.  We have avoided raising our prices for as long as possible, but we can no longer prolong the inevitable.

Due to the rising cost of licensing, Insurance, tools and advertising the price increase is as follows.

  • £15 per night if booking for 7 nights plus
  • £20 per night for weekends and overnight stays.

We still only charge half price for a second dog from the same household.

We are also working with the local dog groomer and will be offering a grooming facility in the very near future should this be something you require.

Please note, that this price increase is only for pet sitting, The dog walking price structure is not changing.

We feel our prices are still very competitive and these new prices will come into effect from 1st August 2012, however, please be aware that anybody already booked in will still only pay the agreed price of £10 per night.

We acknowledge that rising costs are tough for everyone and that we are doing everything possible to provide the best service.

We wish to thank you for your valued custom and know that you will understand the necessity for this price increase.

Yours sincerely

Gillian Linnell

GGL Pet Services

Elderly Dogs

Old dogs have a capacity for deep and prolonged sleep, take care not to startle an elderly pet.  Their years should be respected and they should not be teased by puppies, cats or children.


  • Avoid turning an old dog out on winter mornings and evenings.  The shock of very cold air can cause drop attacks and strokes.
  • Avoid boarding an elderly dog in kennels.  Stress can trigger illness.
  • Keep Vaccinations and Boosters up to date.  An elderly dog can lack immunity to diseases.
  • Have teeth attended to regularly to make eating easier and to prevent halitosis.
  • Haval anal sacs checked regularly.  Blocked sacs are uncomfortable for the dog as well as unpleasant for the owner.
  • If the dog is unable to take much exercise, keep the food intake down, but offer small amounts more often, so that the dog does not feel its pleasures are taken away.  An overweight dog is more prone to heart disease.  Your vet may advise you to feed one of the special diets that are available for old or obese dogs.  the use of such foods can help prevent some of the problems that beset older dogs.
  • Bearing in mind that old dogs are not as mobile as before, take care that they do not sit on cold damp concrete, or in full sun, for too long.  Put rugs and beds in favourite sitting places, so that they are convenient to go to.
  • Take care that an old dog does not sit or lie on rough surfaces, as elbow and hock callouses can become painful and even chronically ulcerated.
  • Do not allow an old dog to get too far away on walks.  They can easily become lost through being disoriented when sense of smell, sight and hearing is deteriorating.


Special Care for the older dog

  • Water – Monitor the amount of water being drunk daily.  Consult your Vet if there is an increase without apparent cause.  If necessary, offer the dog water, as it might be too lethargic to help itself.
  • Food – Provide food of consistency.  Slightly warmed food can be more appetising.  Trial and error will show which type of bowl is most convenient for your dog to eat from – mouth dexterity is not as good as in the young.  Raising the bowl on a step or platform can help as bending the neck may be painful.
  • In some situations it may be advisable to change your dog’s diet.  For example a reduction in the protein and salt content may be beneficial. Your Vet will advise and may prescribe a specially prepared commercial diet.
  • Observing and caring for your elderly dog can be interesting and rewarding in terms of the dog’s visible gratitude for the arrangements you make for its comfort.
  • Remember dogs live for now rather than for yesterday or tomorrow.  This makes being old and caring for the old dog so much easier than it is for a human.


Recommended Reading: Extract from Doglopaedia ( A complete Guide to Dog Care) J.M Evans & Kay White