Trust us to look after your pets


Pets are loyal and love you unconditionally and ask only for your attention and love in return.  For this reason I was inspired to try and make an original product aimed specifically for our four legged friends whilst also trying to include something for the owner.

Founded in May 2011 by Gillian Linnell,  based in Saddleworth, originally named GGL Pet Supplies as my vision was to have a online pet supplies store, this however was changed to GGL Pet Services as I found that I was getting more and more enquiries regarding pet sitting and dog walking.  My passion for animals and caring for them overtook my desire to stay purely retail and so the company was re-born.

I am Licensed by OMBC,  which is a legal requirement for home boarding animals, it is against the law to operate without this license. Having this license gives you peace of mind, knowing that I have undergone stringent checks by a qualified officer and that I reach all the necessary standards required. I am Insured by Petplan Sanctuary and trained to CPD Level 3 VTQ standard in Advanced Pet First Aid & CPR, I am qualified upto Level 2 City and Guilds in Animal Care, and have a CPD Level 3 qualification for Elderly Pet Care. I am currently studying Level 1Dog Law and a Level 5 Diploma course in Canine Behaviour.

I have owned dogs, cats and horses not to mention goldfish and tortoises throughout my life, and I have a real passion to make my company one of the most reliable and trustworthy in the area, paying attention to health and well being of all the animals that I care for in whichever capacity. I want to help YOU as my customer to give your pet the best and healthiest lifestyle possible.  You can rest assured that your pet will be well looked after whilst in my care.

I want to encourage and support proper care and maintenance for your pet, I work to keep my prices low, and keep my Services to the highest quality.  I thrive on making my customers happy and listen to all feedback in order to continually improve my services.

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Tel/Text: 07717 216100