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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Meet the “Dog Walking” Clients

This month I though I would introduce you to my regular Dog Walking clients, a real mixed bunch of characters.


Lisa – 2x 1 hour walks Mon- Fri.

Lisa is a Jack Russell cross and has two speeds go and stop, she can go 0-90 in less that 4 seconds, and I regret no off button. She is quite the character, rough and ready is the best way to describe her, she is sociable but an acquired taste for most dogs, also KNOWINGLY disobedient, she tries it on right left and centre, you need eyes in the back of your head with this one.  The Vet has checked her over and ruled out Demonic possession.


Lola – Daycare Mon-Fri

I have looked after Lola since Sept 2011, and have grown very fond of her, she is intelligent and very well behaved, (at last) apart from when she smells treats in pockets of passers by, she thinks everything is for her! Lola was the puppy dog that you walked and used to have to scoop everything and all-sorts of disgusting things out of her mouth.  Now she is older there is a big difference, (plus the local dog trainer) She is calmer and easier to handle. Lola walks a lot with Lisa, or should I say walked, they are toooooo much of good friends now.  They are having a few weeks apart as they are both becoming quite the handful ( bad influence is Lisa) when they are together.


Boo – Daycare 2x per week

Boo is the best, he is so friendly and only wants to please, he is bossy with his toys and other dogs toys. He likes to play a lot with Lola, usually tug o war with a rather robust piece of rope.  He is great to walk, the proper hunter/gatherer, collecting twigs in his mouth by the dozen.  He is friendly and kind, with this bonnie doggie your cant go wrong.


Jinx – 30 min walks Mon, Wed, Fri,

Jinx belongs to the dog warden, he is a smashing little character, he knows where he is going on his walk and you dare not deviate from that course or major sulks and lots of barking, He has so far been extremely sociable with all the dogs he has walked with, but he doesn’t put up with anything that takes him away from sniffing the ground.  He loves his cuddles though.


Jazzy – 30 min walks Mon-Fri

Jazzy is one of the new additions to my day, she is a very timid Jack Russell, and Lisa’s arch nemesis and next door neighbour, obviously I don’t walk these two  together.  Jazzy seems to get along with all the other dogs I walk.  She is a bit nervous, but is definitely starting to come out of her shell and enjoying herself.  One of the calmer and gentler dogs who is a pleasure to walk.


Theo – 30 min walks Mon-Fri

Theo, what can I say, my newest addition to the day, he is a Lurcher and totally bonkers (or vacant) the picture speaks for itself 😉  I am greeted, when I walk through the door, with a bouncing dog, who, may I add, is as tall as I am, so keeping his 4 legs on the floor really is a challenge.  It has got easier if I’m honest, but presently I’m having to put a carrier bag on his back leg as its all bandaged due to an infection, This is obviously getting better everyday as each visit I am bounced on harder and for longer, his hugs and kisses are not for the faint hearted .  He is presently still on steady road walks only.

Diesel – One hour walks Mon-Fri

Everybody needs a Diesel dog, he is a German Shepherd and the most beautiful animal that I walk, he is 12 years and walks off lead without any problems, when you say “come” he comes, when you say “wait” he waits, (sometimes).  He often walks with other dogs, he is extremely social.  He has walked with Lola – who I think is a bit too giddy for him, Missy – who he loves, (he likes the little ones). And he has walked with Boo – his favourite friend.  I would miss this chappy if he wasn’t there.


I am expecting a Dalmatian to visit in the next couple of weeks, he will be joining Lola and Boo for Daycare, I cant wait to introduce you to him, in another Newsletter.