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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Freedom from pain, Injury and disease by prevention or rapid diagnosis.

On my website it states that I want to encourage and support proper care and maintenance for pets, I write regular monthly blogs advising on different aspects of health including worming, flea treatments etc.  I always check vaccination cards from all my customers who want me to board their dog at my home, if a pet is not vaccinated and up to date with their booster jabs, they are prone to illness and catching any diseases from other dogs, cats etc whom they come into contact with.

I also sell and promote natural parasite control treats by verm-x which are ideal for young animals where chemical wormers are not always advised due to their lower immune system.

I recommend daily checks on dogs who are staying with me, these include:

  • Eyes – check discharge
  • Faeces – consistency, colour, foreign bodies 

Weekly checks include

  • Ears – discharge, odour
  • Paws – wounds, cracks, cysts, nails
  • Coat – baldness, warts
  • Teeth – dental decay, gum inflamation

The vet is the best person to ask about routine, preventative healthcare, including fleas, worms and vacinations.

If I have any concerns regarding a boarded animal, I have got the customers written permission to make an appointment to see the vet.  If any major accidents, or emergency situations, abnormal signs occur, I would contact the vet first and foremost for advice.  If the injury  was a cut I have a first aid kit which contains a blood stopper, so minor injuries can be dealt with at home, if I noticed a flea infestations I would treat accordingly making note of what flea treatent I had administered, I would contact the vet for any information and advice required, I would also contact the owner or emergency contact person prior to any treatment required, making a full written report on the situation and outcome.