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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Verm-X for Dogs

Verm-X crunchies are designed to be fed every day throught the year, this means
that you do not need to buy additional reward or treat products for your dogs
and the Verm-X formulation can act as a continual internal parasite control.

The smaller packs are in re-sealable packs and the larger packs are in a re-usable
keep-fresh tube.

As with all Verm-X products it is not just focused on the effectiveness of the
formulations but also on their palatablility so your dogs with love them.

Feed small breeds like a Jack Russell 2 treats per day
Feed Medium breeds like a Labrador 4 treats per day
Feed Large breeds like a Newfoundland 6 treats per day
Feed half the amount to puppies between 3-6 months of age
100g will last one dog 1 month