Trust us to look after your pets

Keeping your pet safe in an emergency

If something happens to your pet, you will be in a rush to help, rushing in too fast may put you and the animal at risk.

Stop first to make sure you have time to think about the dangers, what could harm you? What action should you take? Will the animal hurt you? Is there traffic that could hit you?

Once you have assessed the scene you should then act and deal with the incident.  The whole time you are dealing with the animal, you need to take care as the animal itself could be a danger.  Other dangers you could have are:

  • Traffic
  • People
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Fire or heat
  • Chemicals
  • Slip, trip hazards
  • Sharp Objects
  • Animals
  • And many more
  • Scene safety
  • Stop, Think, Act
  • Look for dangers at the start and the whole time you are caring for the animal
  • Your pet may be the danger to you
  • Decide what you are going to do (Vet, transporting the animal etc)
  • Take care with chemicals
  • If hurt by glass, make sure you are safe as well as the animal.
Taken from Student Manual ProTrainings and ITG Instructor Training Ltd