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Monthly Archives: October 2011

What would you do if you dog fell through the ice?

This is a common concern particularly for dog owners as dogs can get trapped in water or fall through thin ice.  There are many reports in the news how a dog falls into water or ice and the owner jumps in to rescue them, in many cases the owner dies and the dog survives.  Sometimes it can be easier to encourage the dog rather than take any risks.  Do not take any risks.

Once you get the dog out of the  water you need to check breathing and carry out respirations and CPR if needed.  It is necessary to drain out water from the respiratory track by holding them upside down or raising the rear legs of larger dogs.  Further information and courses on CPR and basic pet first aid can be found at:

Look for signs of hypothermia and if so treat accordingly.  Do not in this case rapidly reheat as this can cause other problems and in worst case, cardiac arrest.

  • Look out for potential dangers- if ice cannot take your dogs weight, it wont take yours
  • Safe approach
  • Animals do not do what you want sometimes so be adaptive
  • Hypothermia, warm your pet up slowly, sudden warming can cause serious problems.

Get to a vet without delay.

Taken from Student Manual ProTrainings and ITG Instructor Training Ltd