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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Pet proofing your home

Prevention is better than cure so make sure your home is safe.  There are many dangers about the home and pet proofing is like child proofing as animals can get poisons, break glass or get hurt in other ways.

If a dog for example is left for long periods of time, they will get bored and look for trouble.  Make sure they have food and water and lots of toys to amuse them.

Spend some time looking at your home and look at possible ways your pet could get trapped, cut, fall, take food or come into contact with poison to name a few.

Make sure that fires are guarded, to avoid the risk of singeing or burning.

  •  Don’t leave food out especially foods such as chocolate
  • Never leave anything out that could encourage a pet to climb onto surfaces
  • Make sure that your pet has plenty of fresh water at all times
  • If you use bleaching products in your toilets ensure that your pet does not have access, many pets will drink out of a toilet, especially if there is no other fresh water available.
  • Make sure poisons are kept locked away
  • Puppies are inclined to chew, make sure that electrical cables are tidied away out of reach.
  • Fireworks can make many pets panic, if your pet is afraid of Fireworks stay with them when possible, if you are going out ensure that they are left somewhere, where there is nothing that could cause them harm
  • If you are going out, make sure that your pet has toys to play with, water and food, dogs who are bored can become destructive and develop habitual barking.
Taken from Student Manual ProTrainings and ITG Instructor Training Ltd