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How Pets Show Pain.



Animals cannot talk to us so they cannot tell us if they are in pain or where it hurts, unless there is an obvious wound or you have witnessed an accident whether this be a car accident or a fight with another animal.  So how can we tell when our pet is in pain?

More often than not you will notice a change in your pets behaviour, whether this be aggression towards you, or demanding your attention or even hiding away quietly and maybe whimpering.

Be aware of any changes to your pets behaviour and any signs that your pet could be in pain.  Check all over your pet
for any signs of injury, all the time talking to your pet in order to give them re-assurance and above all to keep them calm.


Things to look out for:


 Changes in your pets behaviour

 Aggression

 Whimpering and/or Growling

 Hiding

 Restlessness

 Holding a Leg off the ground

 Rubbing a Body Part

 Excessive Grooming

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Taken from Student Manual ProTrainings and ITG Instructor Training Ltd