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The Loss of a Pet… By Janine Philips of Furry Souls

One cannot overcome Pet Loss all of a sudden. Neither can reading books, surfing internet & going for counselling heal you instantly. This is a very gradual process which can take months and sometimes years. Books and counselling can make this process smoother and less painful. What one needs in these testing times are strength, sustainability, understanding, support and care from all the family members. The loss might have been due to a tragic accident or a chronic illness but the grief remains the same. An accident is vilest as it is sudden and does not give time to prepare for the loss. What you need to remember is that Death has significance in life and the last decision you take for your pet is as important as the first. If you can overcome your grief and share others’ sorrow it will spread the warmth that every pet lover needs. 

We understand how unimaginable the grief is when your loving pet passes and we hope Furry Souls brings some comfort at your time of loss and helps keep the memories alive forever.


We suggest the following to help you with the loss of a beloved pet.


1. Death has significance so accept it. Give yourself time to heal and let the emotions flow. Share it with someone close. Open up by sharing about the love you had for your pet & the relationship you shared.


2. The last decision you take for your pet is as important as the first. So commemorate the farewell of your pet by a special family ritual. Dedicate a memorial in remembrance with loving words on our website to make it stay forever by clicking


3. Purchasing an urn provides comfort and understanding to all animal lovers at their time of loss. These Beautifully unique and mesmerizing cremation urns for pets help keep the memories alive forever.Volunteering for Animal rights and donating for charity brings peace to the grieving soul.


4. Sometimes you may need professional counselling to heal your souls. Compassionate and caring advice about Cremation and Pet Funeral Services are provided by us to take care of all your needs, to prepare you for the last days and be there with you in testing times.

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