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New Product Testing

As a Pet Sitter, and Dog owner, I often have to introduce my dog to other dogs, most of the time this is fine, but recently I had a visit from one of my clients who wanted me to look after two dogs.  Upon the initial visit my dog did not appreciate this, one of these dogs being a puppy did not go down very well, my dog prefers the older wiser and the quieter variety.  We arranged another visit for a week later where we agreed to meet on the bridle path and walk the dogs up to my house together.  In order to keep my dog free from anxiety I decided to try the Thundershirt.  

The good thing about this Jacket is that you dont have to worry about pulling it over your dogs head or threading their legs through tiny holes, it is simply a wrap around and it is held securly in place with velcro. For a little extra info; this vest is supposed to stop anxiety by applying gentle, constant pressure on the dogs torso and this pressure has an amazing calming effect for most dogs, – so it says on the packet.  So sporting a new rather trendy looking Jacket we went off on our walk.

When I met up with my client and her two dogs – nothing – “ok” i though, so far so good, we all walked along the path and eventually reached my home, we all entered.  It was not as bad as the last meeting by any means, she was still very grumpy about having two dogs to contend with and not over pleased at them both coming to her for a sniff at the same time, so gradual introduction to the dogs on a one to one basis for the first couple of days will be needed when they come to stay. As for the Thundershirt, well she was calm, the odd grumpy growl, but she was much more “chilled out” she did even stand at the door and give them a sniff goodbye before they left without any noise.  You can read more info about the Thundershirt and read Testimonials at

Another product which I have been testing, now this truly is a beauty, its the Pet Corrector. Snakes, insects and birds such as geese use a “hiss” sound to drive off predators and our domesticated pets have the same reaction to the noise.  This pet corrector mimics this sound to interrupt undesirable behaviour, such as barking, jumping up, stealing food, aggression, and place avoidance.

During the same meeting with my client, the puppy started barking and then my dog joined in, what a headache, one spray (away from the dogs) brought total silence in seconds, it soon started up again but with this pet corrector,  one hiss followed by the command quiet on a repeated basis I am 100% convinced that it will work, you have to try it if you have a yappy dog or if you are out walking your dog and a fight breaks out with another dog, (it does happen) one spray and you can quickly bring the situation under control, its brilliant stuff really.

Stay Tuned to see which products I will be testing next time!