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Puppy Training Week 2

This was a really informative week, we had everyone demonstrate the progress made from last weeks lesson, “sit and lie down” Daisy the Black Labrador had perfected this, she was great, she even did it without a treat reward, the owner simply stood with her hands behind her back and give the command, Daisy Dog obeyed straight away, they really practised last week, and it has paid off and very quickly at that.  The other dogs managed to sit straight away when asked but not all managed the lie down, they did eventually, but you can tell who hasn’t been practising. This week Rachel spoke about the tone of your voice, if you are saying lie down in a different tone each time you give the command, then your dog thinks it is getting lots of different orders, the object is to say it once, then wait for your dog to think about it, you can then repeat the command but in the same tone and taking your hand to the floor as you do it. We also spoke about those little accidents in the house, and how to stop this happening, it turns out that a puppy has no bladder control till they are around 22 weeks, but they can still understand what you mean if you prepare them, before this age. Rachel demonstrated how to get your dog to ring a bell to tell you they need to go out for piddle, Wisp demonstrated this and it was amazing to watch, he would put his nose on the bell and nudge it, sit at the door an wait for it to be opened, what a brilliant idea, I am going to rush out and buy this useful piece of equipment and new party trick. Further advise was given on feeding and chewing, Chewing on a major level usually last up to 18 months. When your dog is loosing its puppy teeth they usually start to loose them from the front first and work round to the back ones afterwards.  Like Humans, dogs can suffer tooth decay, from a build up of plaque, Both my current and previous dog, which was also an elderly rescue dog, had hardly any teeth, the Vet had removed them for health and discomfort reasons, You can avoid this drastic action and


expensive treatment by keeping your dogs teeth clean, you can use a toothbrush specifically designed for dogs or a finger toothbrush and of course a meat flavour toothpaste. You can purchase these from my product page.  We were also given advise on how to stop attention seeking behaviour and the importance of Microchipping, Rachel is a Vet Nurse and can offer this service to anyone wanting their dog or cat microchipping, please contact Rachel direct for further details 07788 956164 or email

But training or not, Seriously! how do you motivate a dog that looks like this :