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What a lovely day to walk the dog

I took my dog out for her afternoon walk, all was normal, she was running around on the lead chasing birds and leaves and anything else that moved, as usually she is very energetic, changing directions all of a sudden, stopping in front of me so that I nearly fall over, you know the usual stuff.
Missy the dog, is only small and very timid, if another dog is around she starts to whimper and stays close to me, I’m used to it now, but today all of a sudden, any big dog which walked passed she decided to run at them growling, the big dogs just stood and looked in awe at the Mars Bar in front of them. As we marched further I bumped into a nice old man with a walking stick and two dogs, I stopped and asked him what breed one of his dogs was, he replied ‘a Lurcher’ and true to form the Lurcher, Lurched at my dog in a very playful way, Well Missy was not in the mood for this a started to run around the nice old man, well here’s the problem, as she ran round the man, she was still attached to the extendable lead and before I knew it he was trapped, tied up and looking really worried, it didn’t help that the Lurcher was still chasing Missy around this poor man who by was now was well and truly stuck.  In my embarrassment I am trying to untangle him but it was really hard so I decided the only way to resolve this problem without the old man falling on the floor was to unclip the lead so he could be set free, all the time thinking what any on lookers must have been thinking. Anyway once the lead was unclipped, Missy ran, and ran fast with the Lurcher chasing behind.

Luckily we were on the Bridle path at Uppermill so she was unlikely to meet any traffic. So I proceeded to untangled the man who fortunately found the whole thing quite amusing but his Lurcher had ran off chasing Missy, fortunately his dog came back when he was called, but mine did not, I then had to chase her for about 20 mins it wasn’t that she was scared, or traumatised in anyway, to her being off the lead means freedom to explore without mummy spoiling all the fun and she intended to stay clear of me for as long as she could.

So now I’m knackered for want of a better word and I’ve finally got the dog back on the lead and I’m heading for the Stables where I keep my Horse, its time to Muck out do all those Horsey chores. I don’t often take the dog to the yard as the dog is jealous of my Horse Amy, she doesn’t like Amy getting any attention, so I have to put up with Missy screeching what I believe are objections to be tied up whilst I cuddle and mess with another very big dog, Amy doesn’t mind the dog barks or whimpers as long as she has food she is happy. One of my friends offered to give me a lift back home and I gratefully accepted.  The dog has been fast asleep since we got back, but she’ll be up and wanting another walk later on, – well my husband can do that, I’ve had enough for one day.