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Variety Gift Hamper For Dogs

Variety Gift Hampers For Dogs are now available to buy online Suitable for small/medium sized dogs. This hamper includes a Double Sided  Grooming Brush (Small) A pin and bristle dual purpose grooming brush. Brushing your dog’s coat promotes healthy shiny hair and grooming your dog’s coat will keep it clean, as brushing distributes natural oils, leaving the coat shiny and healthy looking. Kaka-sak box of 10 portable pooper scoopers, offers no mess, no touch and 99% bio-degradable A bag of Strawberry popcorn, it’s a tasty treat for small animals and it helps induce natural chewing. Two squeaky toys which will keep your dog happy and playful, it will probably drive you mad at the same time so best to leave it with them when you go out.   I have also included a tennis ball which is much quieter.Healthy snacks for your dog which are good for their teeth 1 pack containing 100 Chew sticks which will keep your dog’s interest and occupy them for hours. Looking after your dog’s teeth and gums is an important part of looking after your dog’s health and these Munchy Chew Sticks will help to keep your dog’s nashers in tip-top pearly condition by reducing the build-up of plaque and tartar. 6 munchie lollypops with rawhide sticks. Which also provide healthy exercise for teeth and gums. I have also included a Soft bristle Toothbrush, specifically designed for dogs and of course a tube of Toothpaste (meat flavour) to help fight plaque, and above all freshens your dog’s breath,And Last but by no means least, a present for you, all this comes in a delightful 13″ Wicker basket when your dog has finally finished off the contents you can use this basket to keep your bits and pieces in, it can also make a lovely decorative ornament for storing potpourri, a plant pot holder or even a fruit basket, the choice is yours.