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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Variety Gift Hamper for Cats

This hamper includes a Double Sided  Grooming Brush (Small) A pin and bristle dual purpose grooming brush. Brushing your cats coat promotes healthy shiny fur. Grooming your cats coat will keep it clean, as brushing distributes natural oils, leaving the coat shiny and healthy looking. A Melamine cat bowl (small) for food or water, 4 packets of Webbox cat delight treats, each pack containing 6 tasty Chicken and Liver flavour sticks, a treat your cat will love. A bag of Strawberry popcorn, it’s a tasty treat for small animals and it helps induce natural chewing. Pack of 4 sponge footballs, cats love chasing after moving objects and these sponge balls allow your cat to sink their claws into them during play without damaging the ball. These rolling balls encourage your playful cat to engage in play and exercise, helping to keep them fit and healthy. 1 tennis ball, well why not, I’ve thrown that in for free. 3 furry crazy catnip mice which will provide your cat with fun, enjoyment and exercise, it will also provide you with fun and enjoyment watching them play. My favourite, the Kong Wubba Teaser with Teaser Poles attached. This toy has been specifically developed to appeal to a cat’s instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey. Each cat Wubba has an internal rattle and a special material in the long tails which makes a crackling sound, encouraging him to play. They are also filled with natural catnip, yes more catnip, to drive your cat wild. 1 beautifully crafted cat collar with 13 Diamonds, ok, they are not really diamonds but they are shiny, the collar is available in various colours of your choice.  The collar has a safety breakaway buckle so your cat can easily escape if they get caught while climbing or exploring.  The collar also comes with a bell, this will alert you to your cats whereabouts, and probably drive you mad with the constant jingling, but bare in mind that it helps to protect wildlife, such as birds as the collar will also alert the bird that your cat is about to pounce. And Last but by no means least, a present for you, all this comes in a delightful Wicker basket, when your cat has finally finished off the contents you can use this basket to keep your bits and pieces in, or it can also makes a lovely decorative ornament for storing potpourri or even a fruit basket, the choice is yours.